About Parker-Anderson Enrichment

Parker-Anderson Enrichment began in Los Angeles in 1986 and has been leading the nation in after-school enrichment for over 30 years.  Founded by Josh Parker and Jamie Anderson, Parker-Anderson Enrichment focuses on dynamic programs with a fun-comes-first attitude! Owners Andrew and April Hovelson, new owners to PAE NYC are dedicated to bringing quality enrichment classes to Manhattan and Brooklyn that keep children of all ages entertained and wanting more.


PAE has created a wide variety of programing with top notch curriculums.  These programs are not only fun and engaging, but enhance the lives of all of its students through learning, creating, and experimenting. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their children are in capable hands with qualified instructors who are screened for safety and placed carefully with each group to maximize success.

We take pride in offering a wide variety of fun and exciting classes that will keep any student entertained and excited to learn. Our programs are incredibly affordable, and can be available before, during, after school and online!  Classes will be held on-site at the school so there isn't any time wasted on transportation and transitioning. Each child's safety and well being is of utmost importance to everyone at PAE.

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Here is what schools are saying about us...

"The children love what they learn and get to do with the instructors, Parker Anderson takes care of all the accounting details, we just need to have a space for the class and get the children to the class.  We have been able to have everything from Chess to Lego Robotics. This has made the parents very happy to have one place where their children can spend the school day and then be enriched after school."

Pasadena Christian School

"We love partnering with Parker Anderson because it lets us bring a wide variety of activities and clubs to our after-school program.  There is something for everyone – art, cooking, robotics, and more – and our students really are able to dig deep into topics they love to study and discover new ones that they never knew were out there. We’ve been so happy with the teachers who, even though they see our kids once or twice a week, have gotten to know them well and really fit into our school culture of family and community."

Incarnation School