Schedule for the Week of June 15th - June 19th

Next week, we will have a planned break! No Class next week the week of June 22nd-26th.

Class Descriptions

  • Active Kids Bootcamp

    A movement class that is sure to get your heart pumping! Short, timed circuits, stretching and games keep them interested and active!

  • Adventure

    Fun and interactive storytelling with movement and creativity! Kids will contribute, so the story and adventure will always be different!

  • ASL

    Kids will learn ASL basics like the alphabet, how to introduce themselves, and more.

  • Creative Arts


    Your kids want to make something special. Sit them down with some supplies and escape while they make you a craft you'll both love!

  • Dino

    Do you love Dinosaurs?! So does our teacher. He is a Bronx Zoo paleontologist, ready to geek out on all things dino!

  • Creative Arts


    Students create 2D and 3D works of  art based on famous artists from around the world, highlighting a wide variety of cultures.

  • Hip Hop with
    Ms. April!

    Hip hop provides a freedom of movement in a fun & free atmosphere. Children learn to control & coordinate their bodies while working together!

  • Gametime Hangout

    Created to encourage the socialization and teamwork kids might be missing out on right now, this class features a new game each week.

  • LEGO

    Follow our expert teacher in a build of his own design. The pieces may not be the same, but you can creatively master a similar structure!

  • Kids Acting Workshop

    Learn vocal warm-ups, silly tongue twisters, and the fun and hilarity that is improvisational acting. 

  • Kids

    Dance Party

    This is a high energy class gets silly and creative with fun music. Class includes dance games and free dance to bring out the star in every student. 

  • Kids Puzzle

    This fun and interactive class uses a puzzle to create a story and character driven movement! Students will be given a puzzle template to print out.

  • Yoga for


    Fun and tumble yoga and stretching! Through songs and games kids explore yoga poses with an experienced teacher.

  • Musical Theater Star

    Do you love to sing?! Do you love to dance?! This exciting class combines singing and dancing to your favorite songs from popular musicals! 

  • Silly 

    This class will bring you 2-3 different storybooks with interactive features and even the chance to collaborate together on a story!

  • Spanish

    Learn the basics and pick up a new language while chatting with classmates during this partnership with Espanate. All ages/levels welcome.

  • Superhero

    Do you want to be fast like the Flash? Strong like the Hulk? In this active class, we study the origins of all of our favorites, train like the best of them!

  • Tiny

    This beginners ballet and jazz class is designed to give young movers a fun introduction to the fundamentals and of dance and movement.

  • Weird and Wacky Science

    From vinegar volcanos to robotic arms made of straws, kids smile, laugh, and interact in this science class led by one zany teacher, Mr. Rich!

  • Zumba

    Come enjoy music from all over the globe as the Zumba beats keep your feet moving and bodies grooving. All fitness levels welcome.

Parker-Anderson Enrichment is the nationwide leader in enrichment programs. Our NYC branch owners are a husband and wife team with 3 crazy boys, committed to keeping your child's mind and body active during this unique and challenging time with PAENYC Online Academy! Everything is live and interactive. We are real-time virtual classroom! Our instructors are highly trained, and our motto is FUN COMES FIRST! Classes are normally $18-25, but right now, everything is donation-based. 


Sign up below to receive our daily schedule and registration links. They get fun, new activities each day, you get 45 minutes (or more!) of peace and quiet. 

You are such a fantastic group of educators and artists - thank you for indulging Isabella’s inner princess and getting her to tell me she wants to try hip-hop. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing!!

- Aliza R.

PAE has been a life saver! Thank you for capturing Brooklyn’s attention and imagination.

- Monte I.

What you guys are doing is absolutely amazing! These classes are so great for the kids, they are enjoying them so much! Thank you for making our time at home a little easier.

- Mayelin

We are currently donation-based. No child will be refused the ability to take a class, engage with new materials, and connect with other kids. Please consider supporting our cause if you can.  

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