Bucket Drumming!

Bring the sounds of NYC into your school! Bucket drumming brings fun, excitement, and sounds from the streets of New York into the soul of your students. Students use bucket drums, sticks, and rhythm to create the music of New York City in this unique PAE experience!


Beginner Guitar


This beginner course is designed for students with little to no prior experience who wish to develop their musical skills. Students learn finger positioning, posture, note reading, rhythmic patterns, strumming, improving, performing and more! Learning an instrument is an excellent way to strengthen abstract reasoning skills and encourage creativity!


Hogwarts Academy!

Perfect your magic skills in this interactive, creative, spell-binding class! Find out which house you belong to and learn how to make potions, use your wand, identify creatures, and more! Witches and wizards of all ages will graduate the Academy with the supplies and skills to use their magic for good.

Hogwarts Academy 2!

A continuation of the training started in the original Hogwarts Academy. Students will dive into more Potions, Herbology, spark their creativity in Divination, and even make a class edition of the infamous Quibbler. The magic continues in "year 2" of Hogwarts Academy.


Jedi Training Academy!

The Force will be with you as you learn the ways of the Jedi! Play Star Wars games, build Star Wars vehicles and go from Padawan to Jedi Knight in one session! You will play characters, learn to draw the Clone Wars cartoon characters, create your own Jedi uniform, and even take home your very own Light Saber!

Junior Chef

In this culinary course, student will learn to cook basic foods and steadily make their way to cooking and even creating their own recipes. Students start off learning about kitchen safety, readily available food, and common measurement tools. Additionally, they will focus on developing skills to discern flavors, practice cooking methods used by chefs, understand nutrition, and work as a team!


Jurassic DinoWorld!

Learn all about Dinosaurs in this fun, hands-on class! Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras through all sorts of project- based activities: Dino Digs, fossil hunts, and ‘Dino of the Day’ activities! You even get your own Dinosaur Egg to take home with you!


Speech and Debate! (*popular with the older kids!)

Are you a person of passion and conviction, with a love for critical thinking and dialogue? In this class, students learn to use logic and other rhetorical tools to support their positions and to express themselves succinctly and skillfully. Students learn to walk and talk with assuredness and purpose, overcome jitters, and deliver speeches with confidence and animation!

Runway Fashion Design

The Fashion Design class is all about you!  Create a "line" of clothing, from formal gowns to casual chic!  Come up with your own design for a school uniform and make an outfit for yourself using clothes from your closet.  It will be fun...and chic too! 


Spanish Immersion!

Give your child the gift of learning Spanish! In this class, students will have the opportunity to immerse in the Spanish language and culture. Each class will incorporate art, storytelling, games, music and multimedia activities to learn Spanish in a fun way! This class is great for new and returning students.


Superhero Academy- NEW!!

Do you want to be fast like the flash? Strong like the Hulk? Crawl like Spider-man? In this fun and active class, we will study the origins of all of our favorite superheros, train like the best of them, create custom costume pieces so we look like our favorite superhero, and even create our own superhero! If you're a fan of all things Marvel and DC Comics, this is not a class to be missed!


Spy Kids: Secret Agents!

Take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, go on a scavenger hunt and decipher our Escape Room! Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills! Every student also receives their very own ID Badge and detective kit!

Yoga Workshop

The Yoga Workshop for young students follows age old traditions such as meditation and poses but it is also a lot of fun! Incorporating different styles and poses with games and music, the focus is on taking the lessons learned "on the mat" and using them in the real world: remaining calm, present, breathing and full of spirit!0.000.00K - 6Active

Young Doctors

The Young Doctors class emulates real-world medical scenarios in a child-friendly environment to introduce the world of medicine. Simulated snake bites, burns, and cuts, are treated after learning basic first aid and conducting check-ups using medical tools such as stethoscopes and thermometers. Students also dissect and inspect various specimens to familiarize themselves with different body parts.